Top 5 eBay sales of the week. September 9th, 2013. What can sell on eBay for Profit!

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Sep 9th, 2013
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Sales update!

I sold a few different things last week for GREAT money. I sold a few men’s shirts and 3 DVD’s. Selling on eBay for profit is the name of the game. Lets see how much I paid for each and how much it sold for.

Ely Cattleman Western Shirt

Ely Cattleman that sold for 35 on eBay

This was an interesting sale. I bought 2 different Ely Cattleman pearl snap shirts about 2 weeks ago. This one had the embroidered bull on the front while the other one was just a regular plaid shirt. I was able to sell this one for $35 dollars with free shipping while the other one only sold on eBay for $24.99. The embroidered stitching makes these shirts more valuable. The pearl snap buttons also helped as well. I bought this one for $4.99 at B-Thrifty.

Tommy Bahama Hawaiian Camp Shirt

Tommy Bahama that sold for 22.99 on eBay

Tommy Bahama shirts are really nice. I was able to go to the Tommy Bahama store in Concord, NC two weeks ago to see what the retail prices are. The shirts are really EXPENSIVE (around $100 each) in the store! I guess that is why you can sell them used for good money. Anyway, I bought this shirt quite a while ago and it has been sitting. I thought it had a very nice leaf pattern and it did not have any cosmetic issues. I usually try to buy the button down shirts but this was a polo.

I initially had it priced at $34.99 with best offer but no buyers made me an offer. I lowered the price more and more until it finally sold. I bought this one for $3.79 at Goodwill and sold on eBay it for $22.99 plus shipping.

Ted Baker Dress Shirt

Ted Baker shirt that sold for 30 on eBay

I did not know about the Ted Baker brand until I found one at Value Village a few weeks ago. It looked really nice and reminded me of the English Laundry brand. The collar and cuffs had a really nice look to them and also had words embroidered in the interior. I looked up this shirt on eBay and put it in my cart immediately! This shirt was a size “4″ so I am guessing it is from across seas. I do not think they use the same size conversions as we do in the United States. I was still able to sell it on eBay for $30 and I only paid 4.50 for it. I can’t wait to find another one.

Harley Davidson Giant Logo Shirt

Harley Davidson shirt that sold for 22 on eBay

I was surprised how fast this Harley Davidson shirt sold on eBay. It sold in less than 24 hours! I think it sold very quickly because the picture was nice and it was a larger size shirt. I will start putting shirts with giant logo’s or designs as the default picture to get buyers to click on my listing. It may or may not work but it doesn’t hurt to try. :-)

I bought this from B-thrifty on half off day for $4.99 (so I paid 2.50). It sold on eBay for $22 plus shipping. The lady on eBay bought it for her husband. It turns out that she is also a seller.

3 BeachBody Workout DVD’s

3 Beachbody Dvds that sold for 10 each on eBay

I just happened to look around the small bin near the register while waiting in line at B-Thrifty and saw these. I usually do not buy DVD’s but these were priced at $1.99 on half off day. So I was willing to risk spending a dollar each for 3 NEW SEALED DVD’s. The person in front of me had a lot of items so I was able to look these up on eBay. If I had the whole set of 6 DVD’s I would of been able to sell them for at least $50. They only had 3 DVD’s in the set but I was content.

I listed them separately for $11.99 each with best offer. The day after I listed them someone sent an offer for $10 on each DVD. I quickly accepted all three offers! I basically turned $3 into $30 (not including shipping and fee’s) in 24 hours. Not bad a for a $3 investment.

In my previous post, I talked about how stepping out of your comfort zone can make you money. This is proof because I usually do not buy DVD’s but I was able to sell them for a nice profit pretty fast. I also learned that the BeachBody DVD’s are valuable. I hope that you look for different items while you are out getting inventory. It can really help you learn about other products to resell and essentially make you more money.

What was your top sale for last week? Was it something you usually sell? Did you learn about any new products? Let me know in the comments.

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