Top 3 eBay Sales of the Week January 6 2014

By Adley
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Jan 6th, 2014

Top 3 Sales of the Week January 6th 2014


It’s that time again! This time I wanted to only do 3 sales because my sales have slowed down significantly. This is because I am focusing on getting rid of the remaining inventory that I’ve had laying around for months and learning about Amazon FBA. I know Amazon isn’t really relevant here but I thought I would throw that out of there. I still love eBay but I think Amazon would be a better business model for myself because I don’t have to have my house cluttered with inventory. Well, enough with my rant, let’s jump into my sales.

Lot of 3 Cabela’s Safari shirts

Lot of 3 cabelas shirts top 3 sales of the week

I have been experimenting with lotting items together to get them to sell. I found all three of these Cabela shirts from the same Value Village. They weren’t in the same rack but spread around the men shirt’s rack. I went on their 50% off day so I was able to get all of them for $1.25 each. I knew it was a steal because I’ve sold one of these shirt’s in the past for $20 easily. They were all were a size medium so lotting them wasn’t hard at all and they all had the same measurements :-). I accepted a best offer of $35 plus $12.99 shipping.

Monopoly 50th Anniversary Corvette Edition Board Game

Monopoly Corvette edition top 3 sales of the week

I’ve had this Monopoly game sitting in my house for a while and I’m very glad someone bought it. I bought this and another Monopoly game at the same time from the flea market in my area. They weren’t the normal editions so I knew they would be worth something. Board game collectors really enjoy items like this so I knew it would sell. This game cost me $4 and I turned around and sold it for $29.99 with free shipping.

Ralph Lauren Blazer Sports Coat

Ralph Lauren blazer suit top 3 sales of the week

Ralph Lauren Blazers are golden for me! This is like the 5th or 6th I have sold since I started selling on eBay. I always see them in thrift stores but most are not in very good condition so I don’t bother buying them. This was an exception because it was in excellent condition and it was a very large size (52 Long). It sat for a while in my inventory but I waited it out and it finally sold. I paid $5 for it and it sold for $59.99 plus $6.60 shipping.

As I said earlier, my sales have slowed down. How are sales going for you? Did you finally get rid of some of your older items? Lets talk in the comments.

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13 Responses to “Top 3 eBay Sales of the Week January 6 2014”

  1. Karis1963 says:

    “Santos” was a wooden religious figure my Mother bought years ago. It had trickled down into my house. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with him. He was somewhat scary. I looked around for a while and discovered he was actually Guatemalan Folk art.Santos went out the door for 30.00 plus shipping. I could have maybe got more. As my BF put it “Someone paid 30 dollars for that ?”.
    The other odd ball item was a face place off of a GE appliance- 7.99 plus shipping.You never know.
    For the first week of the year I met my goal and then some. I sold a couple things from the 25 cent sale at the thrift store and that always means profit.

    • Adley says:


      People are always surprised by what sells on eBay. Someone’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. I’ve seen it happen many times before. I’m glad you made your goal. Keep pushing and set a higher goal for next month!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Nice flips, Adley! Sales slowed the week after Christmas, but picked back up this last week- probably because I got back to listing :)
    Kimberly recently posted…Money MondayMy Profile

    • Adley says:


      Glad to see things are picking up for you. I’ve been listing on amazon and I sold something after 3 days for good profit.

  3. Ryan says:

    Nice sales! Also, great to hear that you looking to venture more into amazon FBA, it is always great to be diversified. If you need any help along the way with getting started on amazon, let me know and I would be happy to assist if possible.


  4. Nora says:

    Hey Adley,

    I really appreciate the good work and information you provide for your readers and those just starting out. I think the key is diversification, some things will still only be for Ebay and some will be Amazon. I want to start Amazon FBA too so I hope to hear how you progress. My plan for now is to use Ebay to help bankroll or fund my purchases for Amazon if that makes sense.

    • Adley says:


      That makes perfect sense. eBay is good for more rare items and clothing. Amazon is good for new products. That’s what I am trying to do. I haven’t listed a new item in a while but I am still getting sales because of how much inventory I have up. Amazon i think would be more convenient because of FBA. No storage at my house :-).

  5. Kendra says:

    My sells have been slowwwwwwww! I’m focusing on getting rid of older stuff. You mentioned that you ate doing FBA will you he sending your eBay inventory to Amazon or just the things you sell on Amazon?

    • Adley says:

      I will be selling new items to Amazon. I seek mostly clothes on eBay and you need special permission to sell clothing on Amazon.

  6. GREAT SALES! I am so jealous of the Ralph Lauren Sports Coat. I only ever find the polos. I did find a black label cashmere sweater recently though that I need to get listed!

  7. Lavendar2 says:

    Hi Adley, I just had drop a note after reading about your success on ebay. You give great suggestion and some I will be applying shortly. I have been selling on ebay on and off since 2006. I have just a regular account, but was really sure about opening a store due to all the fees. What made you decide to open a store instead of a regular account? Also how would you compare the fees and setup with Amazon? Your input is greatly appreciated.

    • Adley says:


      Sorry about the late reply. I opened my store because I wanted to take my selling to the next level. I still had selling limits but having a store made extending them a little easier every month I called.

      I am still new with Amazon but the fees are a little higher compared to eBay. I am leaving towards Amazon because of fba. I like the fact that I can send in all my items and they ship them after they sell.

      I hope this helps

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