5 Weird items that sell well on eBay

By Adley
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Sep 26th, 2013

5 Weird items that sell well on eBay

Have you searched the sold listings on eBay lately??? There are some really weird items that sell really well on eBay. I’ve compiled a list of 5 weird items that can sell for good money. These items range from something you can collect around your house, to something plain outright WEIRD. Nonetheless, you should always want to grow your business by adding different items to your inventory. Here are some peculiar items you may or may not want to buy or collect.

Disclaimer: A few of these items are very unusual, read with caution. Just kidding :-P.

Large Pine Cones - Weird items that sell well on eBay

Weird Large pine cones that can be sold on eBay

I find it weird that people actually like them this large!

Large pine cones? I guess there is a market for this type of item. From the research I’ve done, the larger red ones from California seem to sell the best. There are also smaller ones but you would need a large quantity to sell them for more money. It’s amazing how big some of these pine cones can get. If I saw one in my yard, I wouldn’t even pick it up.

Personally, I wouldn’t start collecting these items for resale because there might be bugs hidden inside them. I also don’t have enough space at my place to store them. I already have a hard time keeping my house clean with my one year old son starting to walk. :-).

Empty Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls - Weird

Weird Empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls that can you sell on eBay

People are actually comfortable with buying empty toilet paper rolls? It may be weird but I’m starting to collect them because they sell well.

Eww, empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls? Actually, I don’t think it’s that gross. The empty rolls are made out of cardboard and this material can be recycled. Additionally, the rolls can be used for arts and crafts. I have known about these items for some time because of the post by The eBay Selling Coach.

I have started to collect empty toiler paper and paper towel rolls because I know I can resell them. I have an empty cabinet that has space dedicated for these items. Once I get enough of them, I will list them on eBay. Who knew that an item that you use almost everyday is sought after from people on eBay?

Vintage Altoid Candy Tins - Weird items that sell well on eBay

Weird Altoids Candy that can be sold on eBay

The discountinued Altoids tins are very valuable on eBay, I’m surprised people still want them. Weird

Remember Altoids? I use to buy them all the time in high school. Apparently there are a variety of tins that are very hard to find. They were released in a small quantity so the demand for them has skyrocketed! The crazy thing is that people have a collection of them and are selling them on eBay. The first listing in the photo above shows two different sealed tins (10 of each) that expired in 2005. I cannot believe this sold for $450! The other listings are for other limited edition tins and some are even EMPTY. It’s astonishing how empty tins are so valuable. This makes me want to buy some off their website and store them for a few years. :-)

Empty Perfume / Cologne Bottles - Weird

Weird Empty perfume bottles that can be sold on eBay

I’m not sure why these are valuable but people love weird items.

There is a huge market for perfume and cologne on eBay. I didn’t know how cheap the prices were compared to the retail stores were though. I was at target the other day, looking at some Ralph Lauren cologne and noticed how expensive it was. I looked up the price on eBay and its way cheaper. Mind you this was a new bottle with the cologne filled to the top. People are reselling EMPTY bottles for a great amount of money.

I think it’s weird that people just want the bottle. I understand that the bottle may still have the scent of what was in it, but I can’t justify paying a premium for it. There are people willing to pay for these empty bottles though! The bottles that are most valuable are the really old ones. They have a really unique shape and size. I am not expert with fragrances but if I come across some perfume or cologne in the near future, I’ll make sure to check its new and used condition on eBay!

Vintage Women’s Panties - Weird

Weird Vintage panties that can be sold on eBay

Why would someone keep panties this long? Maybe they knew that it would be valuable..

I’ve saved the weirdest item for last. Vintage panties are hot sellers apparently. I guess people like how they were made back in the day. The panties are made out of nylon and usually have a unique design embroidered. The best selling ones are the ones created in the 50′s and 60′s. Panties, stockings and leggings are all valuable if they are in good condition and vintage.

I personally would not buy an old pair of panties. My girlfriend would not like the fact that I have someone else’s USED panties in the house. I also would not want touch a used pair of panties. YUCK.

So, out of these 5 items, which one did you find the weirdest? Have you ever bought a weird item from a yard sale and tried to resell it?

Interested in finding other weird items that sell well on eBay?


This is unofficially apart of the series “What can sell on eBay for profit“. I wanted to change things up this time.

Thanks to Naveen_ for the featured photo.

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10 Responses to “5 Weird items that sell well on eBay”

  1. Hahaha this was good. We currently collect old, empty/spent toilet paper rolls because when the wife is at that time of month they make a great way to dispose of used hygiene products without me having to see that mess! lol

    • Adley says:

      Ah, that’s a great use for them. I’m glad I read up on that post, I can start making money from what I thought was trash.

      Thanks for reading

  2. Holly says:

    Crazy list. Panties YUCK!!!! You need to look up sold items for “well worn slippers.” There has to be something
    else to this. I wouldn’t suggest selling these. Great Blog!


  3. I’ll have to figure out how to date the Altoid tins. That is interesting.
    Frank Gantz (Fruzies) recently posted…Gone Thrifting #25My Profile

  4. Angela says:

    I gotta go with those vintage panties being the weirdest but I am sure someone can top it.
    I think you have a great blog. Thanks for sharing all your info.

  5. Kimberly says:

    I’ve done well with vintage cologne bottles- empty and full, and I’m in the process of saving empty toilet paper rolls to sell. I didn’t know about the Altoid tins. I’ll have to keep an eye out. I think I’ll skip the granny panties :)
    Kimberly recently posted…Money MondayMy Profile

  6. Just found your blog a few days ago! Love reading it! I also had heard about selling toilet paper rolls. Last year my husband was off work for 3 months because of a heart operation. I was selling everything I could think of! I saved toilet paper tubes, my family saved some for me, and I finally listed a good sized box of them….twice…and they never sold. I don’t have a lot of room to store things so I decided it just wasn’t worth it. I did sell some egg cartons though! Sold 41 of them for $10.50 plus $9.03 shipping. After fees and such I cleared $7.67…not much but every little bit helps! ~~Pam
    Pamela S. Wade recently posted…One Yard Sale!My Profile

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